ANTIFA-BLM & Marxists Topple Spanish Christian Statue-Will they start to kill Priests again?

People just toppled the Junipero Serra statue in San Francisco. Serra founded the first nine Spanish missions in California.

Back in time it started always with destroying Churches and killing Priests.But im sure that this is never mentioned in US Highschools.
Also im sure the Anarchists dont know that Anarchists in Spain were killed by the Marxists because in Socialism is no place for Anarchism.Ok the Anarchists also killed Commies in Russia.

„, Enrique Líster, said that he would „shoot all the anarchists [he] had to.“[citation needed] It was revealed that many anarchists were being held in prisons under Communist orders, rather than fighting on the front, and that furthermore many of these prisoners were tortured and shot.

In what became known as the Barcelona May Days, the most dramatic repressive effort against the anarchists came in May 1937. Communist-led police forces attempted to take over a CNT-run telephone building in Barcelona. The telephone workers fought back, setting up barricades and surrounding the Communist „Lenin Barracks.“ Five days of street fighting ensued, causing over 500 deaths. This tragic series of events greatly demoralized the workers of Barcelona.

Afterwards, the government sent in 6,000 men to disarm the workers, and the FAI was outlawed. However, the Communist workers were allowed to keep their weapons; only the anarchists were forced to turn them in. This is not surprising considering that the police and government in Barcelona were overtly Communist-run by this point. The militant Friends of Durruti group encouraged the fighting to continue, feeling that defeat by the Communists would ruin the strength of the anarchist movement. Their call was not heeded.[citation needed]

Throughout the Civil War, the various Communist newspapers engaged in a massive propaganda campaign against the anarchists “

„On 25 September 1919, the Underground Anarchists struck the Bolsheviks with the heaviest blow of the Revolution. The headquarters of the Moscow Committee of the Communist Party was blown up, killing 12 and injuring 55 Party members, including Nikolai Bukharin and Emilian Iaroslavskii“

And do you really think Muslims like Commies who hate all Religions?

Did you know that Stalin wanted to breed Apes with Humans?
„that Ivanov’s research was part of an ambitious plan to transform society. The high-ranking Bolsheviks who backed Ivanov were intellectuals who saw science as a means of realising their dream of a socialist utopia. “Politicians could change the political system, nationalise industries and turn farms into vast collectives – but the task of transforming people was entrusted to scientists,” says Etkind. “The aim was to match people to the socialist design of Soviet society.”“

Thats how it always been in Socialism.And dont forget,every Dictator killed his old Comrades.When Mao had enough of the Revolution he formed a new Battalion of young „Soldiers“ to kill the old.

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