Dänisches TV über die Islamisierung des Westens – UN Migrationspakt – Flüchlingspakt

Video aus dem Dänischen Fernsehen von 2014 mit englischen Untertiteln:

UPDATE MAY 2018: New EU Declaration to increase Migration:

Klicke, um auf 20180503_declaration-and-action-plan-marrakesh_en.pdf zuzugreifen

Also:EU: How to Stop Mass-migration from Africa? Bring Everyone to Europe!
by Judith Bergman
May 25, 2018

Interview with debater and author Gertrud Galster. Made by Media1.dk, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014. All credits goes to ©Medie1.dk
All shown documents are available as PDF downloads here:
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The EU elites corporations – all with ties to larger elite groupings – are constantly depending on large amount of competitive oil and fuel delivery (for machinery, factories, transport, infrastructure, aviation, seafarers etc.). To meet these demands on competitive market conditions they need to be in good standing with the Arabs since Russia and China are not preferential partners. At the same time the Arabs put a lot of their investments into EU which the EU companies barely would be without. In return the Arabs demand favorable conditions for their people – which means Muslims – and Islamization of Europe. The whole hidden agenda is covered up in excuses about stability, development and integration which especially is culturally emphasized. That is in fact a smart move to achieve sympathy in the population – particularly among lefties. However, the numbers don’t lie. Virtually none of the official aims has been reached or achieved significant improvements (because it’s all fake excuses). Only big corporations seems to have benefited while the Islamization is rapidly expanding and dividing the population.

Wer glaubt das dies alles mit dem UN Migrationspakt nichts zu tun hat der soll es ruhig weiter glauben.

Vera Lengsfeld zum Pakt:

Die Petition:

More Petitions from other countries:

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